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A band who describes their sound as containing psychedelic country and western doom metal may sound like a mess to experience just by reading the description, yet the seasoned troupe Across Tundras intertwine the styles with their usual cinematic grace on latest affair SAGE. This seven-track release (the band’s first for new label Neurot) once again carefully mixes dollops of desolate prairie drone metal with an Americana twist (“Buried Arrows”), throwing in dashes of sludgy cowpunk and dusty spaghetti western elements in to arrive at an authentic Southwestern flavor with a shaman-esque vibe that allows the music to transcend towards something more spiritual than what appears on the surface (“Hijo de Desierto”). Effortlessly doling out melancholic melodies that reveal the secrets of the plains with an enhanced presence of the ceremonious sounds of Native American music, this trio mash it all up with their wistful potpourri of ethereal rock nuances to create an edgy and haunting mix of traditional folk with an organic heaviness derived from the stoner/doom side of the spectrum (“Tchulu Junction”).
- Mike SOS