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Aurvandil is a one-man black metal project from France whose authentically chilling take on genre subtleties commandeers attention from both longtime fans and new ears as heard on the nine-track YEARNING. From a pervasive supply of haunting acoustic guitar (“Walking”) with both melancholic majestic overtures (“I Summon Scorn”) and underground acrid abrasiveness (“Gylfi’s Journey”, “End of An Age”) creating the well-textured depressive assault, Aurvandil captures the sorrow with a well-balanced presentation of netherworldly harshness and glacial melody to leave the listener a lasting impression of dread and despair (“Reign of Ice I”). If you’re in the mood to be down and out with a black metal backbeat, this disc is a perfect soundtrack to perpetuate the desired forlorn atmosphere.
- Mike SOS