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Pennsylvania quartet Backwoods Payback pours out a delectable stoner rock cocktail on their 10-track affair MOMANTHA. Meshing fuzzy riffs and protracted tempos while peppering hints of southern stoner style a la Alabama Thunderpusssy (“Timegrinder”), these guys and gal maintain a slight sense of shuffle even when downshifted into full doom mode (“Velcro”), successfully keeping the mood from becoming overly oppressive. This unit also finds clever ways to place shards of grunge and alternative metal into their mix, giving tracks like the Nirvana meets Cathedral inspired “Poncho” and the COC by way of Goatsnake “Parting Words” a stronger sense of buoyancy. While Backwoods Payback does cover a lot of ground here, but they do it with little distraction, displaying the capability to dole out soaring vocals (“Lord Chesterfield”) with as much confidence as delivering the bruising riffs over pummeling rhythms combo that keep the head bobbing (“Flight Pony”).
- Mike SOS