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Swedish death metal squad Demonical devastates ear canals with a relentless yet completely unoriginal nine-track affair entitled DEATH INFERNAL. Formed from the ashes of long-running Swedish metal mavens Centinex, this grizzled unit rigidly derives its buzzsaw sound from the same blueprint as their former band, taking liberally from the works of Entombed, Dismember, and Unleashed (“Black Inferno”) to comprise a collection of highly unoriginal yet extremely potent downtuned and accelerated metal mayhem (“Through Hellfire”). Exploding with viscous riffs, thunderous bass, and versatile percussion expertly fluctuating between syrupy slow crawls and blistering blasts (“Ravenous”), Demonical does an admirable job of maintaining old school Swedish death metal principles while featuring the style’s unmistakable signatures to their fullest advantage.
- Mike SOS