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Beecher is a band from the U.K. whose spin on hardcore implements a slew of jaggedly arranged, speed-driven tracks basked in dissonance. The 12-track offering showcases the quintet’s versatile assault on your ears, as bands as wide in range from Poison the Well to Dillinger Escape Plan to Refused are emulated here with explosive results. The frenetic guitars never fail to catch you off guard, while the utterly solid rhythm section should receive hazard pay for all of the dangerous timings and twists they perform. And the vocals, while craftily swiping pieces of every single screaming throat from the last few years of metalcore’s existence, always manage to sound invigorating and at times, chameleon-like. Showcasing the wherewithal to grind, blast, thrash, breakdown, and wreak havoc with the big boys, Beecher’s caustic release is a must-own release for those that value the sound of today’s extreme metal.
- Mike SOS