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On fifth album COLD COMFORT, Dutch sextet Autumn relies on a bottomless supply of melancholy to produce an oblique and refined multi-layered heaviness. Led by the tantalizing vocal presence of Marjan Welman, this troupe adroitly weaves sorrow-laden Goth rock straightforwardness (“Retrospect”) and downtrodden doom metal despair (“Alloy”) with an unstrained undercurrent of melody (“Black Stars in a Blue Sky”) to discover the middle ground between the majesty of Opeth and the accessibility of Lacuna Coil. Even though their dabbling with progressive elements (“Naeon”) reveals the band’s softer side more than ever before (“The Venamoured”), Autumn’s latest nine-track affair retains an overall heaviness thanks to strong team-effort songwriting featuring simple and effective twin guitars with subtle keyboards (“Cold Comfort”) rendering an atmospheric approach. –Mike SOS
- Mike SOS