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Since frontman and guitarist Pepper Keenan has been sequestered to play in NOLA supergroup Down for an inordinate amount of time, the remaining three members of seminal heavy group Corrosion of Conformity decided to continue and record as the original three piece lineup of Mike Dean, Woody Weatherman and the hard hitting Reid Mullin returning behind the kit for their latest studio effort. This eponymous endeavor is a remarkably balanced 11-track tour de force spanning the trio’s rich history of both underground hardcore punk crossover and recognizable bluesy sludge metal, channeling all eras of the three-decade old act while demonstrating a rabid reverence for past glories (“River of Stone”) and affirmative nods to their sound from back in the day (“Leeches”). While those who only know the band’s music from their most popular period may yearn for Keenan’s warm and soulful croon, Dean (no stranger to the singer slot in COC) and Weatherman step up and pick the slack up admirably, adding an element of unpredictability along the way keeping listeners intrigued and engaged (“Your Tomorrow”, “What We Become”). Celebrating a triumphant resetting of their unique style, Corrosion of Conformity’s latest album exudes with an invigorated heaviness where boundaries are cast aside and raw rock ‘n roll reigns supreme. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS