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San Diego quintet Astra champions a retro progressive rock sound on their expansive six-track affair THE BLACK CHORD. This exploratory unit constructs a cosmic rock experience marking a triumphant return to the vintage tones and pomp-addled psychedelic aura of 1970’s arena rock, summoning the best of Yes, Pink Floyd, and King Crimson amongst countless other cult-level bands from the period to develop a take on spacey rock music (“The Black Chord”). Thanks to a knowledgeable use of classic instrumentation (juts check the Moog popping up throughout) and oodles of effects, an endless stream of clever songwriting, the capability to break into a fuzz keyboard-led jam at any given time, and an authentically warm analog recording, Astra are able to transport the audience back in time fluctuating between trip-laden thunder and galactic tenderness. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS