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Norwegian black metal merchants Aura Noir dole out a dastardly blend of misanthropy and mayhem on their latest charred presentation OUT TO DIE. This eight-track collection embodies the definition of the term blackened thrash metal (“Deathwish”), as this veteran trio produces a cold, raw, and barbaric form of heaviness immersed in the shadowy cesspools of metal’s underbelly (“The Grin from The Gallows”), channeling everyone from Venom to Immortal in the process, Adorned with a barrage of neck snapping rhythms and fiendish vocal rasps accompanying the endless stream of razor sharp riffs and foreboding rhythms that descend into the depths of the abyss (“Out To Die”), Aura Noir does an admirable job at administering the evil fury necessary to summon demons from below to rise and wage war on mankind. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS