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British metal outfit Angel Witch were one of NWOBHM’s brightest prospects back in the early 1980’s, yet somewhere down the line they were lost in the shuffle and passed over for the likes of Diamond Head and Iron Maiden. Now after nearly three decades and countless failed attempts to return to form, the group makes a mad dash to the forefront with their eight-track, almost 80 minute sojourn AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. Maintaining a classic metal gallop from their heyday (“Witching Hour”) with raw rhythms and loud tones in tow (“Into the Dark”), Angel Witch rips through a tour de force of classic occult heaviness (“Geburah”) with rousing twin guitars and slightly spooky vocals making their home in listener’s heads to release the ghosts of the past. Featuring the six-string mastery of Bill Steer, band founder Kevin Heybourne can be proud of the band’s most recent reset, as this version embodies the spirit from the glory days of a movement this band was such a tremendous part of (“Guillotine”). -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS