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Darkest Hour triumphantly return with UNDOING RUIN, a lean, mean Devin Townsend produced endeavor that will redefine the way you view this band of merry metal men. From the soul shaking opener “Without a Thousand Words to Say But One”, you can feel a different kind of intensity oozing from the quintet. Make no mistake, folks, the group’s volatile yet glorious Swedish metal chops are still very much a part of the enormous assault on your senses. Only this time, the 11-track collection seems more refined, a lot more polished, and way more focused overall, with an impressive attentiveness to dynamics displayed on the blistering tracks “Convalescence” and “Paradise”. Darkest Hour has always been a band that strayed from convention (they call it their punk rock mystique) but managed to work under distinctive guidelines, and UNDOING RUIN finds the band doing that and much, much more. A solid outing, and definitely the band’s most cohesive release to date, this CD is a must for all fans of the heavier side of metal.
- Mike SOS