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Resurrecting the gloom and doom aura of death rock with a bubbling cauldron of black metal inflections, this five-track split from Portland’s Atriarch and Oakland’s Alaric attempts to recapture both a brooding nature and the shadowy atmosphere of melancholic heaviness. Up first is Alaric and three tunes dripping with despair, dually channeling new wave and anarcho punk with moody murkiness protruding from each glacial riff (“So Far Down”). Atriarch takes the reins next, with an entirely different darkness in tow that combines ethereal echoed vocals with a crude black metal assault sounding as if recorded deep in the recesses of the Pacific Northwest (“Offerings”). Hardly uplifting by any means, this split endeavor conveys the agony and sadness attached to a depressive decent into the abyss. -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS