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Chicago troupe Arriver documents a little known yet historic battle with a multi-faceted metal proclamation on their eight-track affair THE BATTLE OF TSUSHIMA. Recreating a significant part of the Russo-Japanese War with a tactile array of metallic hues at their dispose from slow and somber (“Singapore”) to sharp and grinding (“Dogger Bank”), this group bridges the generation gap between aficionados of conflict like Iron Maiden and Iced Earth to modern metal storytellers such as Mastodon with progressive death metal dexterity and smattering of symphonic instrumentation guiding the band through the rigors of war (“Dark Clouds Above the Fleet”). Drawing a stirring and bold reenactment of this century old clash up with a variety of shifting viewpoints that compellingly tell both sides of the story, Arriver trades in the textbook for a wall of sound and aims to educate while blasting your skull. -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS