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Flying the flag of downtuned modern metal devastation, the California quintet Bermuda administers a clinical yet crushing 11-track beatdown in the form of their album THE WANDERING. Not so secretly worshipping at the altar of Meshuggah (“Sachael”), this squad aims to destroy with a bevy of bouncy djent guitars (“Invictus, Unconquered”), dastardly deathcore screams, and jagged rhythmic structures (“Process of Drowning”) that on the surface seem like pure aural demolition yet upon closer inspection reveal waves of ethereal guitars and anguished lyrics that compliment the music’s bruising nature. While many employ a similar sound, Bermuda implement an element of suspense via interludes of haunting guitars (“Lost at Sea”) creating uncomfortable atmospheres in between sonic annihilations (“Obstruction”), giving them an edge over their peers and making this album worth checking out. -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS