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IN REALITY WE SUFFER is an album that should come with all types of warnings and cautions slapped all over it, for this disc is by far the most dreary and depressing release to come to light in a very long time. Slow and tortured throughout the entire nine-track entity, Abandon have compiled a collection of disturbingly heavy music that people with any type of unstable inclinations shouldn’t even come close to. Eerie and foreboding, the dirge-like rhythms and bellowing low notes that resonate through tracks like “Will Gladly Perish” and “Trauma is the Trigger”, coupled with the helpless vocal cries that emanate from the chaos on “Piles of Pigs” (the album’s fastest yet shortest track) are just the fodder kids on the edge don’t ever need. Keep the sharp objects away when listening to this one, as the doomy churn of IN REALITY WE SUFFER is hazardous to the well being of even the most mentally strong’s psyche.
- Mike SOS