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Florida metalcore sextet Adallah throw down an amalgamation of heavy grooves, chaos-infused chugging breakdowns, and punishing rhythms on BROKEN FAMILIES. Inspired from the likes of Emmure, Suicide Silence and Bury Your Dead musically, this 12-track affair repeatedly unleashes mammoth downtuned riffs and bruising dynamic shifts while two virtually indistinguishable vocalists bark and scream about heavy familial topics including abandonment and substance abuse. Adorned with a surprising array of tasty melodic licks that soar over the relentless pounding and full-on rhythmic onslaught of the bass and drums, Adallah does an admirable job of interjecting memorable musical moments into their general sense of guttural cacophony, adding on to the dark and dastardly modern metal sound custom made to open the dancefloor up and keep it hopping throughout. -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS