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Dr. Acula come back on the scene with a 12-track affair entitled NATION, a release that showcases a heavier and more serious side to the self-professed party metal sextet. While this Long Island, NY based band retains many of the deathcore principles that they have received harsh criticism for, their blend of modern metal actually covers a lot more ground than they get credit for. From the hip-hop gone grindcore twin vocal cadence bouncing back and forth (“Ironic Enclosure”) and the punishing yet redundant massive metalcore breakdowns (“Keep on Running In Place”) scattered across the duration of the recording to short and stinging songs sure to keep bodies moving on the floor (“Suburban Superstar”), this unit has undeniably added a slew of weapons to their metal by numbers arsenal that accentuate their formula of sample friendly beatdown metalcore. Even though saying this band has matured may be a bit of stretch when they still have song titles like “Robot People From Hell”, Dr. Acula has definitely upped their game here and may surprise even the most jaded detractor with their new found tricks (“Thinner”). -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS