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Brokaw is a Seattle, WA quartet that boasts a quirky sense of heaviness that allows for a slew of adventurous stylistic switch-ups on their eight-track excursion INTERIORS. Fusing jagged rhythms reminiscent of Clutch jamming out with Scissorfight (“Politicians By the Pool”) with the blackened and belligerent cadences heralded by Unsane and Helmet and block-rocking funky beats rating a cut above the rap-metal realm’s norm (“No Morphine Doctor”), this foursome serve a wealth of musical influences up with a potent politically charged aggression, giving this troupe’s output both the passion and the substance to make their noise rock predilections hurt so good (“Terms of War”). Crammed with gargantuan riffs (“Berlin Heart”) and a rollicking rock ‘n roll rawness (“You Didn’t Invent Sex”), Brokaw produces an album that simultaneously sticks in your head and knocks you flat on your back with its boisterous blend of well-executed and refreshed sludgy blues and groove metal. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS