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The Swedish quintet Bullet isn’t shy about declaring Bon Scott as a major influence alongside women, rock ‘n roll, and motorcycles on their debut release FULL PULL. Perhaps the squad should have included Accept too, as this fiery outfit’s flurry of four on the floor hard rock riffs (“Rolling Home”) and cocky caterwauls (“All Fired Up”) borrow as much from Udo and company (“Rush Hour”) as they do Angus and the gang (“High on the Hog”). There’s hints of other inspirations here too, from hair metal histrionics to 70’s arena rock swagger that when combined with the band’s juxtaposition of BACK IN BLACK and BALLS TO THE WALL provides a predicable yet powerful array of hard hitting rhythms and heavy hooks that don’t overstay their welcome by staying within the easily manageable and marketable three-minute range (“Gutterview”). Bullet deliver their completely derivative yet utterly enjoyable homage to hard rock with a whole lotta heart that will have fans of the aforementioned doing double takes. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS