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Brooding UK trio Conan keep it simple and heavy on their six-track, 40-minute debut MONNOS. Armed with a colossal guitar tone bestowing the earth-shaking doom metal power via flourishes of fuzzed-out riffs over sinewy slow crawls (“Invisible Throne”), this unit follows the lead set by luminaries such as Electric Wizard and Sleep by producing bludgeoning bass and guitar bottom-end at a consistent mauling pace that hypnotizes and pulverizes all at once (“Grim Tormentor”). Bolstered by an exemplary percussive performance (“Headless Hunter”) and the penchant for carving memorable melodies out from waves of relentless streams of downtrodden heaviness (“Battle in the Swamp”), Conan has created a massive doom metal record with an epic formula of depraved downtuned density dominating their sound. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS