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The Michigan quintet known for switching each other’s instruments Bear Vs. Shark decided to hole themselves up in a secluded cabin to make this 15-track endeavor, excluding outside sources (barring curious neighbors) and general responsibilities. The end result is a pulsating post punk rock clash with indie rock’s timidity, making songs like “Antwan” scream with Fugazi-esque purpose and “Six Bar Phrase Hey Hey” rock with touches of both Bad Brains and Pearl Jam. Shimmering at times like Sparta (“5,6 Kids”) while at others providing haunting melodies a la Neil Young (“What a Horrible Night for a Curse”), TERRORHAWK’s diverse directions, spastic deliveries, and disregard for anything but their own creative energies may seem a bit self-indulgent to some, but after a few listens, settles down and emits the kind of radiance that a cohesive, focused project exudes.
- Mike SOS