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Defying convention at every juncture, Anaal Nathrakh unleashes a vile and unsettling 10-track endeavor entitled VANITAS. Led by a set of acrobatically-presented volatile vocals stylistically all over the map from blood curdling shrieks to demonic growls to unintelligible grunts and groans, this black-hearted squad ambitiously follows suit musically to serve up a smorgasbord of Satan-approved influences from black metal malaise (“Feeding the Beast”) to speed metal velocity to Swedish metal melody (“To Spite the Face”) to industrial metal discipline (“You Can’t Save Me, So Stop Fucking Trying”).Possessing the cranium-crushing cadence and depraved delivery needed to render the most horrific of nightmares (“The Blood-Dimmed Tide”)with an over the top set of lead vocals setting a tone of utter madness, Anaal Nathrakh showcase a unique amalgamation of modern heaviness with intriguing levels of control and balance keeping careful metal listeners alarmed and alert. -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS