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The hard rockin’, ass shakin’, smoke-filled arena rock circa 1978 riffs that pervade the new release by Drunk Horse, a 10-track encounter of unapologetic Southern rock boogie played like the Dixie flag’s future depended on it, steal the show on the band’s latest. Going retro while the ghosts of Thin Lizzy, The Who, Black Oak Arkansas and Lynyrd Skynyrd give their posthumous permission, tracks like the slide guitar showmanship of “Strange Transgressions” and the thumping rocker “Grinding Teeth” take charge, setting the time machine to 1977 as the rollicking and deliciously titled “Nice Hooves” actually features a drum solo. A freakin’ drum solo, you ask? Yeah, they go there. If you’re big into the preservation of whiskey soaked redneck rock ‘n’ roll, IN TONGUES is an album that a rowdy barbecue or a crowded front porch will gladly appreciate. Just make sure you wear something you don’t mind getting ruined when enjoying
- Mike SOS