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Blessing the Hogs is a punishing quartet featuring incomparable heavy music producer guru Billy Anderson in its ranks on vocals and guitar. This San Francisco juggernaut slay through 13 tracks of dropped down madness, menacing vocals, and outright musical chaos. With a resume as impressive as Anderson’s production credits (Unsane, Sick of It All, Melvins, Neurosis), you can only imagine what kind of unsettling metallic offering this band brings to the table. As vicious as you can stand, yet rich in thunderous melodies a la Mastodon, songs like “Let’s Play Doctor…Kevorkian” and “Son of Sanford” move with the viscosity of hot magma off an exploding volcano, while tracks such as “The Carrier” pack the wares of Today is the Day, old school Korn, and Eyehategod into an explosive powder keg, THE TWELVE GAUGE SOLUTION exhibits the band’s penchant to push the extreme envelope in ways you’d never think possible. Easily one of the most forward thinking heavy bands gracing the scene today, Blessing the Hogs maniacal melding of stoner, sludge and grind metal denotes yet another landmark release from Anderson; only this time, he’s predominantly on the other side of the control board.
- Mike SOS