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26 MPH

Northern California's 26 MPH has a style that's part hardcore and part hard rock, a mixture that works sometimes and other times, seems a bit forced. The scream/sing tactic is deployed very well throughout the 10 track disc, yet when the band decides to show its hard rock roots, it comes off like a derivative of Godsmack. The boys definitely have some chops, as the music has got the solid combination of balls and brawn, especially when 26 MPH turn it up a notch, such as in the headbanging "Pay Off" and the lightning paced "Brace Yourself", whose breakdown part is a tried and true method of how to get a dance floor moving. Much like many of its regional counterparts, 26 MPH take the West Coast swing and add some East Coast seasoning, which at times, leaves the band in the Alien Ant Farm/ Papa Roach category, only with more displayed anger.
- Mike SOS