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40 Grit's latest album still incorporates the hometown Bay Area metal sound that bands like Machine Head have driven into the ground ad nauseum, but now, this quartet are adding hook-laden choruses and some Adema-esque vocal patterns. Why? God only knows, but it probably has something to do with selling records and some A&R guy whispering in the band's ears about being the next big thing. Yeah, that's the way it goes, the same way bands like Stone Sour, Powerman 5000, and countless other metal band flavors of the week go. Right through the sophomore slump and then straight to the where are they now file. It's not that NOTHING TO REMEMBER is lame, but that the style 40 Grit has embraced has been overdone, and by so many other, better bands, that it seems both forced and very uninspired. Sadly, the title of this album does the collection justice.
- Mike SOS