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If one word could sum up North Carolina’s Swift, it would be versatile, as this group’s latest release showcases a band that can rip it up like Lamb of God just as well as lay down a memorable melody a la Glassjaw and still manage to rock out like My Chemical Romance. The quintet’s 12-track collection gracefully stride the lines between screamo, metalcore, and thrash metal, as tracks like the battering Swedish-tinged “Release the Wolves” rocks like Unearth meets Killswitch and “Question and Lies” meets The Used and Thursday smack dab in the middle. Swift delivers intriguing, well-crafted songs whose genre jumping flows naturally and is far from mundane, something that many bands should step up and take note of. Armed with equal amounts of harmony and savagery, THE ABSOLUTE UNCONTROLLABLE ultimately satisfies the spirit that enjoys a good thrashing as much as a cascading melody.
- Mike SOS