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The three souls that comprise Acid Ape aren't concerned in the least with anything except plugging in and getting down and dirty, lo-fi style. Ten tracks that come straight from the neighbor's garage, all fuzzed out and reeking of rock 'n' roll glory, Acid Ape's debut disc fits somewhere in between the early stages of Nirvana, the entire Am Rep revolution, and the latter stages of the late '60s psychedelic era, so right away it can definitely be classified as good drug music. Regardless of your taste in activities, FLESHSPA is bound to strike a chord if you have a penchant for left of center rock with balls, grit and above all, a strong sense that it's made by three guys that really enjoy what they do. And what Acid Ape specializes in, in case you were wondering, is getting all shades of fucked up and banging some kick ass rock out from the gut and the heart. Sound good on paper? Sounds even better cranked to 11 speeding down the highway.
- Mike SOS