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The long awaited follow-up to VOLUME 8 has finally arrived, and the boys in Anthrax have outdone themselves and have made WE'VE COME FOR YOU ALL well worth the wait. Containing 14 tracks of stomping grooves that we've come to expect from the seminal metal band, the new album pushes the members in ways never heard, proving that Anthrax is not just another metal band cashing in on their '80s infamy. Instead, in true form, Scott Ian and crew continuously push the envelope and have created a monstrous metal record that may be the best album this incarnation has ever made. From the over the top, kick ass vocal rasp that John Bush laid down, to the twin guitar assault of Ian and new axeman (and co-producer) Rob Caggiano, to the ever solid four string attack from Frankie Bello, this album has got everything a classic Anthrax album should have. The all-star of the release however is the master of the skins himself, Charlie Benante, whose percussive work here is mind-blowing and once again shows that he is quite possibly the most underrated drummer in metal today. Just check out the blast beat madness of "Black Dahlia" and the complex rhythm played in "Nobody Knows Anything" for an idea. The best thing about this album though is, as Ian has stated in interviews, is that this album has it all, from the crushing riffs that we'd expect ("Superhero", "Think About An End") to fist pumping anthems that Anthrax have channeled from the bands which the 'Thrax calls heroes, like guest vocalist's Roger Daltrey's outfit, The Who ("Taking The Music Back"). It also displays a great deal of depth, as the track "Safe Home" and its wide range of emotion is the most revealing Anthrax has ever been on disc. It's a safe bet to say that Anthrax hasn't been resting on its laurels during its messy layoff; instead, they were merely finding a way to come for us all, and on this aptly titled release, it seems as if the mission statement set forth is in full effect. Quite possibly the best Anthrax album ever, WCFYA is a must have for any metal fan.
- Mike SOS