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Chalk another one up for Sweden, producer of the finest melodic death metal on the planet, as the Swedish Centinex return with another blistering exhibition of dark metallic mayhem. On WORLD DECIENSON, this mainstay of the Swedish metal contingent unleash a flurry of cutting guitar riffs, guttural vocals, and a multitude of percussive tricks that should have drummers worldwide stepping up their game. Songs like the apocalyptic “As Legions Come” and the volatile “Sworn” display the sheer brutality of bands like Soilwork with the technical prowess of In Flames, meshing death metal’s chugging riffages with deft compositions drawn from legendary acts like Carcass and At the Gates. Falling somewhere between Hypocrisy and The Haunted this talented lot continues to churn out a solid slab of that infamous Swedish death metal sound.
- Mike SOS