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Blindside has been fortunate enough to garnish a decent level of success in the U.S. with their ABOUT A BURNING FIRE disc, so it comes as no surprise that the Christian Swedish hardcore troupe go back to the winning formula with a few twists on their latest offering THE GREAT DEPRESSION. Fusing the band’s progressive hardcore wares a la Refused on the opening spoken worded title track that rips into “Heartattack” a dance rock ditty that balances heavy and funky. From there, the band chronicles the different sounds it has championed throughout its career on tracks like the radio friendly anthem “We’re All Going to Die” and the face peeling histrionics of “Yemkela”. There’s a lot to like about Blindside if you’re a fan of bands that rock yet keep the listener on their toes with strong dynamic changes and post-hardcore aggression laden with rambling hard rock melody on tracks like “We Are to Follow” and “When I Remember”.
- Mike SOS