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The bad boys from North Carolina known as Antiseen have been very busy as of late, archiving all of its old school releases and putting them out to today's hapless and unsuspecting music scene. 1988's HONOUR AMONG THIEVES is one of these bodies of work, and it truly captures the essence of a band that arguably had not a shred of essence, but was ahead of its time. And given today's tepid musical climate, and by reading the graphically detailed first hand accounts in the liner note's, Antiseen was by far 100 times more volatile than Eminem and Manson combined. Chaotic spurts of Joe Young's guitar work and Jeff Clayton's out of control vocal rants highlight the 20 tracks that comprise this collection, but it's the collective attitude of Antiseen that always pervades, a spirit that encompasses anxiety, rebellion and everything rock 'n' roll should stand for.
- Mike SOS