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Beecher may sound like the swarms of other left of center weirded out metal bands currently on the frontlines, but after a few listens of THIS ELEGY HIS AUTOPSY, a discernible difference should be recognized. This British metal machine takes equal parts from Dillinger Escape Plan, Isis, and Refused and pieces them altogether to form a cohesive cornucopia of frenetic heavy music. The 13 tracks that adorn this disc are caustic, ferocious, and spastic, with a wealth of signature changes, meaty riffs, and impassioned screams woven into each meticulously crafted track. Manic fretwork, bombastic rhythms, and even dashes of introspective ambiance grace this powerhouse progressive hardcore animal whose rapid mood swings and penchant for dynamics are second to none. If you like your hardcore adventurous, welcome your new favorite band.
- Mike SOS