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Ashok is an Indian-American artist whose AMERICAN MANTRA is this talented singer-songwriter-drummer living his American dream through rock 'n' roll. On his 11-track release, Ashok steers the ship, playing most of the instruments on this album himself, as well as laying his heart and soul into every tune. Passionately pensive and melodically radio friendly, Ashok utilizes swirls of electric guitar over rootsy arrangements to give a down home type feel to his alternative rock style. Imagine Hendrix jamming with John Cougar, and you've got a good idea of what this multi-faceted artist is all about. Never overwhelmingly heavy, but definitely well produced and sounding very full, AMERICAN MANTRA is like listening to a rock 'n' roll spirit through a folk singer's eyes, and is worth a listen if you may dig a guitar oriented Counting Crows.
- Mike SOS