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Anthrax gets nostalgic, goes backwards, and becomes a reunion act? Sadly, thatís how these NYC pioneers of metal, after putting out unquestionably their best work to date with WEíVE COME FOR YOU ALL, have spent much of 2005. With all original (well, best known anyhow) members in tow, Anthrax commemorates this reconvening with the 12-track ALIVE 2. So, of course it sounds great, but is it a step in the right direction to reinstitute a lineup from 20 years ago and give it another go-round? Thatís really up to the fans, but if you have any doubt about how the band sounds, fear not. They still rip with the vigor and virtue that youíd expect from this incendiary act. Letís just hope they get it out of their system and continue breaking new ground sans the KISS-esque chicanery.
- Mike SOS