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Salvation, brothers and sisters of rock and roll, comes in many shapes and sizes. But, it's always best when served in a kick ass, monster grooving, rip roaring, big old slab of honest to goodness hard rock. The five men that have assembled as Backdraft have found that niche and exploit it for all that it's worth on the 10 tracks that comprise HERE TO SAVE YOU ALL. Loud guitars, big backbeats, a growling singer whose double entendres rival Bon Scot are all par for the course in the world of this sludgy Swedish stoner rock band. Here's a collective of guys that sound like trouble from the get go, mixing the forked lyrical tongue of Phil Lynott, the deep rhythm section of Skynyrd and the guitar hero antics of Nugent circa '76. Hip shaking and heart breaking, Backdraft take the spirit of the greats of rock and roll and have managed to channel them into one hell of an album. If you don't dig this disc, it's a safe bet that there's no salvation in sight for your sorry ass.
- Mike SOS