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Norwegian left of center metal sextet Audrey Horne successfully blend the wares of Faith No More, Marilyn Manson, and Foo Fighters on the 11-track NO HAY BANDA. Creating pulsating music with an slightly eerie tone underneath, songs like “Crust” place an ominous vocal on top of a shimmering guitar line while the band keeps a heavy backbeat, while “Confessions and Alcohol” toys with both Goth rock posturing and nu metal loathing, yet adheres to neither, instead supplying a soaring chorus and heavy riffing a la Staind meets HIM. If you’re looking for a rock band that is not only original, but a bit off the mark yet still maintain a common ground that rock fans of every walk of life can identify with, then NO HAY BANDA is an album bursting with the music you need to hear.
- Mike SOS