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Bitterweed is an edgy rock outfit from NYC whose 11 track release hits hard yet retains a level of intelligence that many other bands fail to reach. Distinctive guitars, such as the uber-crunch of "Pride", and the hauntingly acoustic vibe of "Down", lead Bitterweed's rock and roll charge, almost sounding at times like Pearl Jam's days of yore, especially when the wah-wah pedal gets the abuse it richly deserves. There's even elements of jazz, complete with some atmospheric saxophone, displayed on the seductive track "Dimebag". The secret weapon of this quartet, however, is front woman Linda La Porte, whose vocal lines rival the smokiness of Stevie Nicks and the passion of Janis Joplin, truly exerting a strong female rock presence that many of today's rock chicks discernibly lack. ON THE HIGH WIRE is a reaffirmation that female fronted rock CAN be both rocking and sexy, without sacrificing one for the other.
- Mike SOS