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Jersey City, NJ’s Atomic Violet plays middle of the road alt rock with a touch of darkness based by the quartet’s 11-track ROCK WIDOW disc. “My Revolution” has an ‘80s rock vibe to it, thanks in part to the bass-driven delivery and glistening guitar line, while “Rock Widow” and “Clockwatcher” both go for the throat with simple power chorded attacks that throw the mood into overdrive. Exhibiting singer-songwriter prowess on the acoustically led tracks “Carry On” and “Until September”, this act has the knack to mix it up both plugged and otherwise, while the foreboding “America” features a tribal beat and a well-placed wall of distortion. Atomic Violet’s minimalist musical approach isn’t overly flashy or exaggerated, but it conveys the rock ‘n roll message and gets the job done.
- Mike SOS