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Merging sludge, grind, and crusty punk into an undeniably brutal concoction to be served with a side order of beatdown, the three dudes from Denver that comprise Catheter aspire to lay your sorry carcass to waste. With an explosive 18-track disc such as DIMENSION 3O3 on their hands, it shows that this band of gritty grinders have studied their Sepultura, Nasum, Eyehategod, and Brutal Truth. What comes out on tracks like the scoldingly fast “Sit On This” and in the chunky churn of “Waste Time” is a uncompromising array of heavy that seeps from every underground pore, and will undoubtedly bestow a delectable yet dastardly fun time for those that have no issues with pushing boundaries and taking their musical tastes to the limits of the metal spectrum.
- Mike SOS