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German metal veterans Destruction’s sound hasn’t changed very much over the years, yet no one really gives a damn, especially its most ardent supporters. This indestructible beast continues to churn out some of the finest molten slabs of metallic thrash glory this side of Kreator and Exodus. INVENTOR OF EVIL finds the thrash pioneers returning in fine form, and while some parts may be deemed dated or feel like the trio is trying too hard, try and find a band whose riffs still illicit the same power as “No Man’s Land” or get the pit moving like “The Chosen Ones”. Even going so far as to bridge the gap between schools of metal with “Alliance of Hellhoundz” by enlisting some of today’s metal greats from bands such as Soilwork and Dimmu Borgir to scream their asses off, some may argue that the band is desperately grasping for straws to rekindle audience’s affection. Cynics be damned, because this band still has a lot of gas left in the tank and can still present a thrashing groove like “Seeds of Hate” with the conviction of any other band on the planet. Put them in the pile with AC/DC, Motorhead, and a select few of bands that you know are known for their durability than their elements of surprise.
- Mike SOS