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Aside from showcasing one of the most badass album covers in recent memory, Doomriders kick out the jams with the hard rock histrionics of yore, complete with Motorhead’s undeniable smarmy charm, the bastardized brevity of Misfits, and the painstakingly verbose guitar assault of Thin Lizzy. BLACK THUNDER is a 13-track wet dream for the hardcore rock ‘n roller whose LP collection warped from overexposure, as the NWOBHM sound is aped here, but accentuated with a punk hardcore aesthetic that is unsurprising when you consider this outfit’s members boasts stints in Converge, There Were Wires, Cast Iron Hike, and Hallraker. Steady streams of the evil of Danzig (“Midnight Eye”, fuzz rock a la Fu Manchu, and heavy things like COC and Entombed rip through your speakers with the unencumbered sense of demonic possession via rock music. Deliciously dastardly, dirty, and utterly diabolical, Doomriders have made a bestial offering brimming with everything dangerous about rock music, and it needs to be in your collection if you like it hard, dark, and real.
- Mike SOS