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This metal outfit holds members of Misfits, Savatage, and Overkill in its ranks, so it may surprise people that HELLECTRIC contains a slew of Goth rock overtones. So many, in fact, that the 11-track offering gives bands like Lacuna Coil and Type O Negative a run for their money when it comes to laying down finely written, moody keyboard driven rock anthems. Discernibly darker than any of its member’s main acts, yet retaining a metallic crunch throughout, songs like “Sherimoon” embody the spirit of Rob Zombie, while “Motocrypt” chugs along with eerie connotations. They even go so far as to take a page straight from the Pete Steele playbook by putting a Gothic spin on Skynyrd’s “Freebird”, something which is bound to evoke a reaction, either good or bad. Bronx Casket Co.’s latest presentation goes down much like Halloween candy a few days into November does, still strangely satisfying but a bit devoid of the initial thrill of the score from the day of reckoning.
- Mike SOS