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Austin, TX is known to be a hotbed for music, and hometown heroes Cruiserweight only reinforce that mystique on the quartet’s 12-track full-length release. Sweetly female fronted yet slightly jagged, this band contains a sister, her two brothers, and a guy named Dave, who take No Doubt’s wares and give them a muscular Foo Fighter meets Jimmy Eat World makeover, complete with candy-coated choruses, humungous guitar hooks, and dreamy vocals which cross The Cardigans and Flyleaf. Playing with a slight punk pop bounce, songs like “Dearest Drew” and “Goodbye Daily Sadness” sound as if they stepped fresh off a WB melodrama, while “This Ain’t No Beach Party” emits the kind of modern arena rock vibe all the kids crave. Cruiserweight strikes with heavyweight conviction on SWEET WEAPONRY, showcasing an arsenal loaded with solid songs begging to be taken to the next level.
- Mike SOS