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The toughest thing about being famous is that it seldom lasts, yet THE BATTLE FOR OZZFEST contest winners A Dozen Furies are working hard to set the clock back a few minutes before its fatal 15 expires. The Dallas quintet’s debut 12-track disc proves that their victory was no fluke, as A Dozen Furies displays the intensity and virtue that stands up on its own two feet without Ozzy and Sharon’s coddling. “The Everlasting Grudge” pits Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall in a duel to the death, while “Push Away” finds the boys channeling an interesting blend of Fear Factory and Soulfly. Solid songwriting that effortlessly genre-hops from melodic death choruses to demonic guitar-run bridges also allow ADF some more leniency, as the title track and the infectiously chorused yet ominously titled “An Idea and Some Rope” exhibits these guys are making the most of their opportunity. Opting to blow you away with a well-versed metal assault while keeping its fingers on the Ozzfest crowd’s pulse, A CONCEPT FROM FIRE puts the band’s best foot forward.
- Mike SOS