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Swedish black metal clan Craft gets their message across quite bluntly on the 11-track FUCK THE UNIVERSE. The band has vowed that this is its last release, and they’ve succeeded in laying an undercooked, intentionally raw collection of tracks down as a resonant parting blow. From the gargled vocals and mid-paced monster riff of “Demonspeed”, the traditional rapid fire guitars and drums that open “Xenophobia” (coupled by the gurgled vocal “I hate you all”), and the dastardly energetic title cut, the unit dug deep into its collective experiences and influences, resulting in a black metal album bursting with evil yet catchy tunes appealing to the darker side. By summoning up all the nastiness it could muster, Craft’s swan song stands proud as an offering chock full of misanthropic metallic bliss.
- Mike SOS