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Starting out as a one-man machine before fleshing out into a bruising quartet, Century is the brainchild of ArmsBendBack guitarist Carson Slovak, who had a hand in all aspects of this 10-track onslaught. Brace yourself for a rigorous metallic hardcore experience, as tracks like “Bilateral Consequence” juxtapose Cave In, Unsane, and Bloodlet for quite the unsettling listen. “The Fate of Arbogast” and “Maneater” liberally take from the Mastodon/ Converge playbook, while the foreboding intro on “Kingsnake” does nothing to prepare you for the massive beast the song becomes at the five-minute mark. Add in some caustic vocal chaos on tracks like “Watch Them Become Animals” and a Snapcase-esque hardcore stab on “Back Into the Woodwork” and you’ve got quite the monstrous hardcore potpourri on your hands. If you enjoy progressively tinged hardcore, Century is the band to check out, as they artfully tread the line between in the pit and left of center.
- Mike SOS