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The tougher than a two-dollar steak presence of Architects is undeniable, as their AC/DC style punk and hardcore rock ‘n roll output boasts both a keen sense of melody and a wry display of vitriolic bliss on REVENGE. Comprising its sound from everything from Social Distortion to Hot Water Music, this Kansas City quartet’s hybrid sound allows the band to explore different avenues of aggression with positive results, never quite overriding its boiling point but never not able to hammer a distinguishable point across. Tracks such as the punk rock freight train ride of “Body Armor”, the kick the teeth down your throat delivery of “The Badge”, and the high-climbing melody on “Grace” portray this band as a grizzled, whiskey-soaked journeyman crew wise beyond its years, ready for anything that comes their way. How much more rock ‘n roll do you want? Get this and feel the danger coarse through your veins.
- Mike SOS