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Gritty NYC rock band Bitterweed’s latest offering BOO! showcases this female-fronted quartet’s dark edged hard rock. Sparkling with an unabashed intensity throughout the entire 10-track collection, you can almost feel the personal pain seeping through on tracks like “Joy” and “Love”, whose misleading song titles compellingly emit the opposite emotions. Displaying a keen sense on how to build a song to a hair-raising crescendo, tracks like “Living” with its jarring saxophone and tribal beat, the swirling big ‘90s rock stomp of “Pansy”, and the somberly tender tribute “Estas Aca” are when Bitterweed are at their best, moody, brooding, and locked in a deep groove. There aren’t a lot of smiley faces or sunshine rays passed around on BOO!, just a heap of grungy undertones, caustic riffs like the one in “Seizure”, and a plethora of anger and confusion put to good work while exposing the underbelly of life in the Big Apple.
- Mike SOS