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Orange County, CA misanthropes Bleeding Through come back with another punk metal hybrid on THE TRUTH. This 12 track offering finds the sextet hitting its stride, juxtaposing atmospheric keyboards with snippets of Swedish metal, East Coast beatdown hardcore, and West Coast metalcore, whipping up a furious frenzy tailor made for moshpits. Tracks like the near black metal gallop of “Confession” showcase a vicious side to the band, while “Kill to Believe” combines the outfit’s aggro side with a melodic chorus, providing the perfect middle ground for headbangers and punk rockers. With the keyboards receiving a discernibly increased role and a strong emphasis on songwriting (noticeably on the jaw dropping instrumental title track and the darkly vitriolic “For Love and Failing”), Bleeding Through breaks away from the rest of the Orange County contingent as the melancholic black sheep on THE TRUTH, broadening its horizons and creating a new angst ridden template for other to follow.
- Mike SOS